Product List:

All Products are sold by the pound and/or by the case in bulk. However much or little you need, we've got you covered!

Poultry Products: whole fryers, cornish hens, turkeys, roosters, leg quarters, smoked turkey wings, smoked turkey necks, split breast, fresh hens, boneless breast, boneless thigh meat, chicken livers, chicken hearts, chicken gizzards, chicken thighs, ducks, chicken feet, chicken wings, chicken drumsticks, chicken necks, hen wings, breast quarters, turkey wings, turkey necks

Beef Products: beef briskets, hamburger patties, beef tongue, ribeye steaks, beef kidney, beef short ribs, ground meat tripe, beef liver, chuck ribs, t-bone  steaks, oxtails, seven steaks, beef tips, sirloin steaks, round steaks

Pork Products: spare ribs, pork chops, boston butts, ham hocks, neck bones, pork steaks, smoked neck bones, baby back ribs, St. Louis ribs, boneless loin, smoked ham hocks, smoked tails

Seafood Products: IQF catfish 3-5oz, IQF catfish 5-7oz, IQF catfish 7-9oz, alligator, shrimp 9-12ct, shrimp21-25ct, shrimp 31-40ct, chinese crawfish, shrimp 51-60ct shrimp 71-90ct, shrimp 91-110ct, Louisiana crawfish, lump crab meat, minced crab meat, frog legs, swai catfish fillets

Miscellaneous products: manda sausage, rabideaux's sausage, foremans sausage, frozen vegetables, french fries, D&D sausage, hush puppies, pick five products, and much more!